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Simulation of Marine Operations

Inwind offers in-house simulation of marine operations (SIMO) and training of personnel in state of the art crane simulator.

SIMO (SImulation of Marine Operations) is a state of the art simulation tool for marine operations, developed by Marintek. The program is used by several of the major marine contractors, and has over time proven to allow an accurate modelling of "real life". It is a time domain simulation program for multibody systems allowing non-linear effects to be included in the wave-frequency range. Typical output from the program can be:

  • Crane and rigging loads when lifting a structure from a feeder vessel

  • Tugger winch loading

  • Response and behaviour of a feeder vessel when a structure is lifted off

  • Behaviour of turbines parts exposed to wind (including fluctuating gust) during lift/installation

  • Visualisation of the operation to allow assessment of operational aspects

The program can include all types of feeder vessels, from ordinary PSV`s to barges to tailor made feeders. For further information please visit: www.sintef.no/upload/MARINTEK/PDF-filer/FactSheets/Simo.pdf

Inwind has furthermore developed an offshore crane simulator together with Offshore Simulator Centre (www.offsim.no) in Ă…lesund. Simulator training will allow the customer to optimize the installation process and reduce the learning curve, while keeping a strict focus on health and safety by ensuring technicians are properly trained in handling and communication, prior to moving offshore.